FrogMedia NFT Marketplace

The FrogMedia Marketplace was originally a Development and testing environment.

I have now given it a new domain and a single dedicated collection.

All of the items here are from the Set of AI Generated Images collection on OpenSea.

If you would like to see more from other collections, please visit

FrogMedia NFT Collections

The Set of Generated AI images Version 2.0 on OpenSea

OpenSea made a change to their system which locked ALL existing collections, including the original version of this one. The original collection is still there and still for sale, but no more changes can be made and no new items minted.

So I created a version 2.0. All new mints will be in this collection.

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Additional items

FrogMedia NFT Collections

The original Set of Generated AI images on OpenSea

OpenSea Logo

Additional items

More stuff


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